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right back where we started from

So for fall break I am in California with my dad, visiting my grandparents. It's wonderful, it's 85 degrees and sunny, whereas in Ohio at the moment it's 38 degrees and cloudy.

My aunt Hannah was over yesterday and today, and she provided me with advice and comfort and general wisdom. Unfortunately she did not bring along her partner and partner's young daughter, who I've been anxious to meet. But this gives me incentive to see her again soon. It's been over a year since I'd seen her, or my grandparents. That's a shame. More on my grandparents later in the week when I have a chance to absorb them more.

After driving Aunt Hannah to the airport, I went to Claremont to visit Ms. Teresa Sanchez at Scripps. Holy shit are the Claremont colleges the most beautiful educational institutions on the planet. It was wonderful to see Teresa, who'd been telling me so much about her life there. She always sounded so happy when we talked, and now I see why. She's got a good bunch of friends and is livin' it up well.

California has such beautiful weather that the students at Harvey Mudd college (across the street from Scripps) just have their couches outside the doors of their dorm rooms, and their dorm rooms are open to the weather. It's unbelievable.

Part of me wants to be back in Connecticut right now.
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