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A-Level Mens' Room Appreciation Post

This is an ode to the bathroom in the basement of Mudd Library, where there's many sheets of paper posted up on the walls of the stalls and the walls by the urinals for the purpose of graffitti. In addition to the obligatory "Jake Brody Huffs Mad Dong" and "Tom Yagoda Blows Dead Bears," there is a chess game going. And random polls like "do you wipe standing up or sitting down?" and quote competitions, debates on the merits of socialism, and a new strip of Calvin and Hobbes posted every day. Yeah for a community of schollars.

So next week will be the Oberlin Grape vs. Oberlin Review soccer game for the name of journalism. It should be hella fun. We're gonna clobber 'em. I love my newspaper homies.
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