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i know things are gettin' tougher when you can't get the top off the bottom of the barrel

My friend Maddy had an interesting thought on the Middle East crisis: It's a femminism issue.

Back in the Book of Genesis, Sarah thought she was infertile (well, she was like 80), and told her husband Abraham to have a child by her handmaid, Hagar (not Sammy). And so he did, and she did, and the son was called Ishmael. When Sarah was 90, God told her she'd have a son, and she did, and his name was Isaac. So the story goes that the descendants of Isaac went on to become the Jews and the descendants of Ishmael went on to become the Arabs, all because Sarah wasn't a strong enough woman to assert herself against her husband.

I still think it's education, but at least it's amusing.

~jon good loves you
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