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flan tastes yummy

I *really* hate it when articles in The Onion hit close to home.
This was in this week's News In Brief section (fast forward 26 years)

45-Year-Old Fails To Make Someone
Very Happy One Day
NEW MEADOWS, ID—In spite of predictions to the contrary, Larry Naering, a 45-year-old research scientist, has failed to make someone very happy one day, his mother Nancy reported Monday. "He's always been such a handsome, responsible boy," said Nancy, who used to look forward to having grandchildren. "I always told him that some girl was going to discover a real hidden treasure if she took the time to look at him. I guess I was wrong." Nancy said her son's chances of finding that one-in-a-million love have dwindled to one in 50 billion.

On the side of good news, a ska band floculated around me this evening. Jon Bruno from the marching band and I had been talking about it for a week, and we found the rest of our band today. Bo came up to me with this girl who wanted to play guitar and he wanted to sing; and in the decafe I saw a kid with a Reel Big Fish tshirt, and was like "do you play bass?" and yes was the answer.

Also, I have just learned of the tragic passing of one of the greatest musical minds of our time, Wesley Willis. He died last week of leukemia. How the world could let a 450-pound, homeless, schizophrenic, crack addict just die is beyond me. His music will be sorely missed.

~jon good loves you
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