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My computer's been funked up for a good while now and I've finally gotten it working. I don't have time for a great deal of detail but I'm gonna say it's good to be back at school and being busy again. Although I could write a treatise on the subject, I'll just give a few vignettes on how cool Oberlin is.

Two guys walked right into each other on the sidewalk, neither were paying attention to where they were going; one was reading a book, the other was solving a Rubik's cube.

The phrase "war is menstural envy" is still scrawled on many of the bathroom stalls

We had nearly 40 people come to the first newspaper meeting, and less than half of them were only there because they wanted to write porn reviews.

Some female friends of mine were walking back from a party and they got invited by some sketchy upper-classmen to hang out on their porch and drink beer and smoke. After doing so for a while, they decided to leave. The upper-classmen, whose intent was apparently to scam them into a chemical-induced hookup were all like "baby, are you sure you don't want to stay? why do you have to go" and my friend replies "well, were were going to let you put your penises in our mouths but we decided against it" Mad props to Oberlin women.

I am consitently out-dorked. Last night I went to the lounge to study and I couldn't because there were people playing Magic cards, a few days ago I went to the TV room to watch Star Trek but I couldn't because there were people playing DDR.

I am alive.

~jon good loves you
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