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yes, i've probably been reading too much Kurt Vonnegunt

yay for blackouts. they made me not sleep in two days, get stuck at the kennedy airport for a while, drive to boston, and yell at my parents too much.

anyway, the difference between America and the UK is that even in business, the UK still is able to see the humanity of people, rather than just use them as machines. Also, they don't try sell everything.

A case in point is a term that really gets my cheese. It is a term for a piece of absorbent padding that a woman places between her vagina and the remainder of her garments at necessary times. The term for this object it a "sanitary napkin," as is to suggest that such napkins (which may not even qualify as napkins to begin with), are sanitary. Even after removal, they are still referred to as sanitary napkins. I saw a sign recently that said "please do not flush soiled sanitary napkins down the toilet." SOILED SANITARY napkins? Even after the quite greusome ordeal which it has inevitably been through, it is still sanitary??? There must be some magic technology at work. And furthermore, the very term "sanitary napkin" implies that all other napkins, even those which have no contact with any human organs at all, are still somehow UN-sanitary!!! I don't think i want to understand.

~Jon Good Loves You
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