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So my computer's been busted for the last week, thus i've not been online or anything, not that there's much to post, or would i have time to do it. but today was a good day. I had the Mother of All Biology Exams this morning, and I think I did pretty OK on it. Then, I got my trombone in the mail. It's a beautiful Raison brand valve trombone from India. $110 on e-bay. I love e-bay. I get all my instruments from there. I also had a funny conversation with some Grape people. We were talking about our old features editor "Angus" (names have been changed to protect the ridiculous), and how he used to hit on Joanna, with very bad form, and quite ineffectually.

Joanna: I think that was the only time anybody's hit on me at Oberlin
me: not true, I hit on you... [sheepishly] when i'm drunk.
Joanna: I know. That's why I don't wear halter tops to Grape parties anymore

I should not be proud of this conversation, but somehow, I am. It sounds like right out of a sitcom. A very depraved sitcom. Which is not too different from what they're showing on television now days anyhow. But yeah. That's all I've got to say about that.
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