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Quote of the evening:
my mom: I don't like the fact that so many kids at Coginchaug are dating such older guys; you can go to jail for that
john merriam: Jail? You can go to Hell for that!

lots of stuff to talk about. But I would just like to say that I could not ask for better friends than John Merriam and James Kamminski. By hanging out with them and doing positively nothing but listening to music and talking about life, I feel so much better about most things.

On thursday night, I played a show with the Royal Assassins. For a good 45 mins to an hour before we went on, we totally lost Kevin and Greg. We had no fucking clue where they went. They show up 5 minutes before we go on and are like "dude! we stole a bench! it's huge, we left it in the woods on the side of the road, we can pick it up on our way out" So we do so, and we're trying to get this bench in my car for like half an hour, but these cars keep driving by and so we have to hide it so they don't get suspicious. So we get it in the car, and realize it doesn't fit, so we're unpacking all the equipment and putting the seat down and re-shuffling all this stuff and we get the bench most of the way in. But the door won't close, so Kevin tries to force it. And because a 100-pound steel bench is really hard to be forced, it goes right through my back window. COMPLETELY SHATTERED! I had just gotten it back from the mechanic that day to fix the wiring and the exhaust. I flipped out and a half. Later, nate said that the guys in the Assassins were so scared, because they'd never before seen me angry in any capacity at all, and I was pretty much livid at this point. So we took the bench out and left it there and booked it home. The next morning, I was able to find a glass place up in Portland that fixed it for me pretty cheap and in the space of five hours. So it's all set, i'm just set back $350. The band said they'd help pay for it, I hope they're not shitting me. It's kinda funny, actually, how stupid we were. And still are, really. But whatever. It's happened.

I'd like to note here that Tony Blair (prime minister of the UK) the fucking man. He gave a speech Thursday to congress, and it was an incredible speech. He sorta made jabs at American policy, and said what nobody in the Republican party wanted to admit: that America has got the biggest, baddest, most advanced military in the world, but it's impossible to conquer terrorism with it because terrorism must be fought by giving the countries that breed terrorism education and aid and food and freedom, not blowing them up. Also, on the main page of the White House website friday, there was a hillarious (intentionally hillarious or not, i don't know) picture of George Bush and Tony Blair, and Blair is in mid-stride, so it looks like he's skipping, and he's got this big dopey grin on his face and the stride is looking like he's trying to hold Bush's hand, and he just looks SO ABSOLUTELY UNEQUIVOCALLY GAY. I couldn't stop laughing. The camera is pretty good at lying, sometimes. Here's the address if anybody is interested.

In 1996, Comeday Central used to run a show called "Viva Variety," a sort of joke on Europeans making fun of Americans. It was OK, I remember watching it an laughing once in a while, It was also the first time I heard Reel Big Fish was their performance ont that show. But one of the mainstays of each episode was they did some sort of fake game show that was really offensive or politically incorrect or stupid. It was my favorite part of the whole show. Anyways, one time they did a bit called "French or Gay?" And they had a "contestant" come and look at pictures and short bits of information about people (might have been celebrities, i don't even know), and decide if that person was a homosexual or from France. I thought it was really funny, but decidedly offensive. However, the other night, I was watching TV, and they had some sort of variety show or something where they actually had a REAL person going up to people in Quebec and asking them questions like "do you watch the show Will & Grace?" and "did you like Reuben or Clay better on American Idol?" And then the host would ask the studio audience "what do you think, guys, Gay, or French-Canadian?" It was so surreal. I was actually rather angry, because it's both racist (for suggesting French-Canadians act gay) and intollerant (for suggesting that gays act French). I don't know.

I've come to a conclusion that I just don't like the feeling of work. I don't really mind what I do at work, but most of the time I just sit around and talk on the Internet and listen to Led Zeppelin, waiting to go home, where I sit around talking on the internet and listen to Led Zeppelin. It's just the feeling that i should be doing something, even if I really don't have too much to do, that makes me feel wierd. Why I've been caring about what i "should" do or what people expect of me lately is a mystery, but it's been happening. I wanna go back to Oberlin. Soon.

But instead, I'm going to cape cod for a week with my whole family. And by "whole family" I mean my parents, sister, grandparents, 5 uncles, 5 aunts, and 14 cousins. All in one house. Granted it's a big house, but I'm not looking forward, because I have no friends up there and it gets real boring once i've finished reading all my books. Luckily, I'm only going for a week and everybody else for two, so it's not that bad (and also has the added advantage of me being home alone for a week, and anybody who wants to show up after the 25th of the month, you're more than welcome in my home at any hour. I'd welcome the excitement.

~jon good loves you
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